Call: 1995 (Solicitor), Bar: 2021 (Middle Temple)
Education: LL.B (Hons)

Practice Areas: Family

Edward specialises in Family Law, particularly Public and Private children proceedings

Edward has always, from his very first employment as an articled clerk, undertaken his own advocacy. Indeed, whilst a trainee in 1993, his very first contested matter was against counsel in a private law children’s matter involving children having been abducted from the mother’s care, a case which was successfully argued for the client

He continued to undertake advocacy throughout his career, even after establishing his own firm in 1998 and working in the area of commercial law, continuing to undertake advocacy on a wide variety of matters, particularly public law children matters, and representing both parents, children and wider family members

Since he became independent, Edward has undertaken advocacy work for a number of solicitors and local authorities, again representing a variety of parties in both public and private proceedings, including domestic abuse cases. Indeed, as a solicitor prior to his call, he has been involved in many hearings involving challenging and complex matters including hearings of many weeks’ duration. 

Edward has appeared in numerous matters in the family courts, both magistrates, district and Circuit Judges and in the High Court, including in reported cases. He has conducted hearings from initial contested interim care applications through to complex final and fact-finding hearings, involving cross-examination of medical and other professional experts, social workers, police officers, lay witnesses and guardians. He has represented the alleged perpetrators (and other parties) in numerous matters, including allegations of sexual abuse (perpetrated against both children and adults), domestic abuse including rape, multiple non accidental injuries (including fractures, burns, fabricated illness, brain injuries including shaken baby cases, poisoning and multiple bruising) as well as allegations of chronic neglect, drug and alcohol misuse and chaotic lifestyle.