Halcyon Chambers’ Public Law Barristers offer specialist advice and representation to individuals who wish to challenge all areas of public decision-making by government and other forms of governmental authority.  Our members regularly appear before the Administrative Court and Upper Tribunal. Our instructions are typically Claimant-based which allows us to advocate the rights of the individual with a strong focus on human rights, EU law and international law.  Given the cutbacks in public funding, Chambers is committed to providing pro-bono representation where needed.


Chambers are proud to boast a number of leading judgments in which its members have appeared ranging from the High Court to the European Court of Human Rights and Court of Justice of the European Union.  In addition to individual decisions, our members have acted in cases challenging the legality of statutory provisions, subordinate and delegated legislation as well as governmental policy and guidance.

Tony Muman is a veteran practitioner in the areas of Public Law and Administrative Law and heads this department.  His impressive roll of cases are set out in his profile.

Tony’s highlight cases include representing the interests of children and EU nationals in the Article 50 ‘Brexit case’ – Gina Miller v Secretary of State; and being instructed by a French citizen to represent her before the European Court of Human Rights in her challenge to the French ban on face coverings – S.A.S. v France.