Call: 1985 (Middle Temple)
Education: BA Politics (Exon), LL.M (Cantab)

Practice Areas: Public Law – Employment Law

Paul specialises in the law of religious liberty, freedom of speech and European law.

He studied for his LLM at Magdalene College, Cambridge; and he won a scholarship to study international law at the Hague Academy of International Law, The Netherlands.

The famous British Judge Lord Denning has personally endorsed Paul’s academic writings.

He is one of the leading barristers in the law of religious liberty; and he has appeared at every level in the national courts (including the House of Lords) as well as the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg and the Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg.

He was barrister to the Keep Sunday Special Campaign” and to the Christian Legal Centre.

Paul has argued many ground-breaking cases; on religious rights, freedom of speech and civil liberties. He handles some of the most controversial cases in the national courts; from freedom of religion, free speech to complex matters of abortion and gendercide.

Recently, he won the important free speech case of Felix Ngole and appeared in the Birmingham School case where children as young as 4 were educated about LGBT issues.<

He has worked on cases at the highest levels; including with the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, religious leaders, political leaders and the famous Soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky.

He has brought important cases to the European Court of Human Rights on religious liberty; and was involved in the famous Eweida & Others v United Kingdom (the “British Airways Cross” case) to the recent tragic case of Alfie Evans (Alfie was denied medical treatment in Rome after the Pope intervened in the case; and Alfie subsequently died) to the important European Citizens Initiative case before the President of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Paul is an eloquent speaker and political strategist; who is able to combine his legal, media and political skills into his professional work.

Notable Cases

The BA Cross Case – Paul commenced and strategised the famous case of the lady at British Airways who was not permitted to wear a Cross; whilst employees of other faiths were permitted to manifest their beliefs.  The case ultimately went to the European Court of Human Rights; and illuminated political correctness.

Alfie Evans – This sad case attracted international sympathy about the plight of an infant to seek medical treatment overseas.  The case raised important issues on parental rights.  The Pope personally intervened and offered to fly by Air Ambulance Little Alfie to Rome for treatment.

McFarlane v United Kingdom – Important case on employment law and conscience that went to the European Court of Human Rights.  Gary McFarlane was a family therapist who did not want to act contrary to his religious values with same sex couples. Paul learned the working of the Courts at European level.

One of Us’ v European Commission – One of the most important EU constitutional cases; it was held before the President of the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg.The case concerned the powers of the EU Commission under Article 17 TFEU to refuse to give effect to a law where EU citizens had expressed the wrong viewpoint.

Ngole v University of Sheffield  One of the most important cases on freedom of private religious speech; and on whether professional disciplinary bodies can sanction religious beliefs/ free speech disapproved of.Ngole had expressed orthodox Christian views on Facebook that activists disliked.

Page v Lord Chancellor  Important Constitutional case on the ability of the Lord Chancellor to dismiss a Judge; in this case a Judge who held that a child had the right to a mother and father.  This viewpoint was held to show bias and bring the Judiciary into disrepute.

Caspian v University of Bath Spa  Important case on academic freedom.  Mr Caspian was an esteemed therapist and former employee of the London Gender Clinic.  He was unable to complete research on transsexualism due, inter alia, to fears of disruption by trans-activists. The ‘mob’ was preventing free enquiry.

Kenward v DPP  Challenge to Director of Public Prosecution and Attorney General’s policy on Assisted Suicide.

Wasteney – Case on religious harassment because a senior nurse gave a Christian book in a hospital to a trainee nurse who was a Muslim.

Stuart Jackson MP – first case under Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Mba v Merton LBC  Case on Sabbath working.  Ms Mba was a Sabbatarian who would not work (at all) on a Sunday. Important religious freedom case.

Dr Scott: v GMC – Issue of a doctor praying for a sick patient.

R v Overd – Whether quoting the Bible was hate speech in the criminal courts.

R v Stephenson – Right to show graphic photos of aborted foetuses in protest outside an abortion clinic.

Johns v Derby City  Right of a married couple to foster a child.  The Equality and Human Rights Commission said their Christian values could ‘infect’ a child. 

Playfoot – Right of teenage school girls to wear purity rings.