Members of the public can now go directly to a barrister without having to involve anyone else (e.g. a solicitor). In order to be permitted to accept clients who are not solicitors, a barrister must have been in independent practice for at least 3 years and must be approved by the Bar Council to do so.

Halcyon Chambers have a number of our barristers approved by the Bar Council to take instructions directly from members of the public. If you instruct a Barrister via direct access there are some limitations as to the type of work they can assist you with, however broadly speaking they can:-

  • Advise you on your legal status or rights
  • Draft and send documents for you
  • Represent you at Court, Tribunals or Mediation
  • Negotiate on your behalf and attend employment or investigative interviews and hearings where appropriate.

Because the barrister’s role is unchanged and there are limits on the types of work that a barrister can do, there are still some cases and situations in which you will need to instruct a solicitor or another intermediary as well as a barrister.

If you are unsure whether your legal issue is suitable for direct access please feel free to contact the clerks who will be pleased to assist. Alternatively you can seek guidance from the Bar Council.

In some cases, once the issues have been considered, it may be necessary to ask for the assistance of a solicitor to undertake some tasks. If that is in fact the case your barrister will discuss this with you.

Many Barristers at Halcyon Chambers are qualified to undertake Direct Access work.

Areas of law we may assist you with include:-

  • Crime*
  • Civil or Commercial Disputes
  • Education*
  • Family Law*
  • Immigration*
  • Judicial Review*

* Please note that if you wish to obtain Legal Aid it is necessary for you to consult a Solicitor who may then instruct a barrister on your behalf.

What to expect

Please complete this simple enquiry form and attach all relevant case papers.

If you do decide to instruct one of our Barristers then a letter will be sent to you confirming details of the work that will be carried out, arrangements for payment of fees and the Barrister’s terms and conditions.