Unless specifically agreed otherwise, our standard published terms of business are the contractual terms of business set out in Annexe T to the Code of Conduct.  These terms can be found here.

Once instructions, verbal or otherwise, have been accepted by Chambers, our standard terms of business will apply. In the event that instructions are subsequently cancelled or amended, our agreed fees will be payable in full. Such fees may, at the sole discretion of the instructed barrister, be reduced or waived.


Halcyon Chambers accepts instructions which are funded in a number of ways including; legal aid, private funding, insurance backed and when appropriate, under a conditional fee agreement (CFA).

All fees will be subject to VAT at the applicable rate (unless exemptions apply). All fees quoted are excluding VAT. The barristers at Halcyon Chambers are registered for VAT and can provide their VAT numbers upon request.

Fees are agreed separately for each individual case and will vary according to:

  • The complexity and nature of your case;
  • The seniority and expertise of Counsel required;
  • The amount of preparation and time required to complete the work you are instructing them to do;
  • If Counsel is being instructed to attend a hearing, then the length of the hearing; and
  • Any expenses that may be required such as hotel or travel.

In most cases, barristers will agree a fixed fee for the work that is to be undertaken.  In other cases, barristers may agree an hourly rate. A guide to the range of hourly rates we may seek to charge is provided below. These rates are based upon the seniority and experience of the instructed barrister:

 Seniority  Range
 Pupils  Up to £150
 1-4 Years Call  £150-£175
 5-10 Years Call  £175-£225
 10-15 Years Call  £225-£250
 15+ Years Call  £250+

Professional, licensed access and/or lay clients (as appropriate) may contact the clerks to obtain a quotation:

Our clerks will provide you with either the hourly rate applicable to the suitable barrister for your case, or a fixed fee quote for the work discussed.

There may be times when we will seek to charge additional costs, or change the time by which to provide a quotation, if the scope of the work alters and/or we require further information.

Should there be any additional costs, these will only be charged in circumstances where clients have been given prior notice.  Agreement to additional charges will always be sought in advance.

Fees may, at the sole discretion of the barrister, be waived or re-negotiated downwards in the event of adjournments and/or ineffective listings. Fees are payable within 30 days from the date a fee note is raised.  Any fees paid after this time will attract interest at a rate of 8% per annum. Please note that legal action may be taken for the recovery of fees once 30 days have elapsed since the date of Counsel’s fee note. If legal action is commenced, Chambers reserves the right to charge compensation and interest on late payments at a rate of 8% above the Bank of England Base Rate per annum.


There are a number of factors which can affect timescales, for example:

  • availability of the barrister, client and any third parties such as witnesses
  • volume of paperwork to be considered
  • complexity of the case
  • the litigation strategies adopted by the parties
  • court waiting times